Dog hotel

Home, far from home

Then you are the right place! We customize the time spent with us completely to the needs of your dog. If he/she needs a lot of exercise, we will make a trip to the forest or at the Danube, do outdoor programs and many walks. But it’s also not a problem if your dog would rather prefers to simply sleep on his/her own soft bed or on the couch.
For further photos and videos about our dog hotel service check our Instagram profil where you can find an entire highlight folder with content.

We only accept dogs that we have met before. If your dog doesn't know us yet, we need a meeting, maybe a probation day, before we say yes to the boarding for several days!

Reasons for exclusion:

Price 5500 Forint / every started day

The price does not contain: Transportation. 

Transportation fee: Upon agreement.

Location: Budapest, XIVth district or in good weather, Nagymaros

What will be needed from you:
Dog's food and sleeping place.

The daily routine list in written form:

- when and how much she/he gets to eat (if there is a command before feeding or a task, write that down too, please!)

- when and how much does she/he usually walk (if there is something that must be done e.g. door rule, sidewalk rule, etc., please write it down!)

- anything else that might be important to know

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